Rainstorms Fill San Elijo Lagoon, Which is a Good Thing



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Thunder and lightning. Flooded streets. Southern California received its share of rains in the last few weeks. Escondido Creek was flowing steadily downstream to the ocean through San Elijo Lagoon. The water level in the lagoon was higher than usual in the newly dredged deeper and wider Central basin channels due to these rains events that brought 2.03 inches of rain to San Elijo Lagoon.

Water level of the Central Basin on Thursday, December 6, 2018 

Rain water fills the channel in the Central basin.

Construction managers for Reviving Your Wetlands restoration have inclement weather plans in action. The temporary dike near the Nature Center is manually opened and closed during rain events so that the lagoon channels can more easily accommodate the heavier water flow. These actions greatly reduce the risk of potential flooding during these events.

These rain events are also revealing in real time how important it is that the tidal channels are now wider and deeper. The channels can now hold more water, which also reduces potential flooding in areas along Escondido Creek.

Rains also step up our water quality control monitoring, and the Conservancy team has been conducting testing in our weekly reporting to the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Rainfall data shows that our rainy season is off to a good start.

Water level of Escondido Creek at our Camino Del Norte stream gauge station

Rainfall amounts at our Camino Del Norte gauge station

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