Our Conservation Projects

Support crucial San Diego conservation efforts!

Nature Collective’s collection of nature-lovers, scientists, and biologists is key to our flora and fauna staying alive and well. Explore our current projects – and even volunteer to chip in.

photo of excavator in the lagoon dredging mud

San Elijo Lagoon Restoration

To revive our wetlands, restoring the San Elijo Lagoon’s health was a critical step. Improving tidal circulation to the lagoon was the #1 priority. As our climate continues to change, and sea levels steadily rise, this restoration work comes to the rescue – both for the land itself and the native wildlife living there. This precious habitat includes threatened + endangered species.

Habitat Restoration

Without thriving native plant species, our lands – and their ecosystems – aren’t truly healthy. That’s why we work with our dedicated volunteers to control invasive plants in the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve and throughout San Diego County.

Tidal Circulation

Naturally, the lagoon used to reconnect to the ocean regularly. Due to modern infrastructure’s effects on the lagoon, we need to recreate that opening/closing cycle for the ecosystem’s health.

Wildlife Preserves

Participate in San Diego wildlife conservation . . . at your local nature connection. Part of our mission is to enhance environments. In our own backyard, the riparian habitat is a key one to preserve. Together, we can help local plants + animals survive!

Native Plant Nursery

To better preserve the local flora, the Nature Collective created this Native Plant Nursery. Fully functioning, our plant-saving workspace helps the lagoon’s unique species propagate – and thrive.