Nature Collective

Protect all the beautiful nature in San Diego + enrich community!

Connection to nature is universal. We believe this gift should be accessible to us all. Donating to Nature Collective not only helps preserve the stunning landscapes seen on San Diego hikes, but also supports the wellbeing of plants, animals, and people. Be part of the urgent effort to save our natural wonders from disappearing forever.

Your donation helps you:

Western Snowy Plover bird, one of the listed endangered animals in California. A small, white and gray colored bird on a sand dune at the beach.
Lorquin’s Admiral butterfly with dark brown, amber, and white coloring.

Coexist with Wildlife

The special feeling of making eye contact with a critter, like the Western Snowy Plover, while on your favorite San Diego hikes is protected by Nature Collective. Because of you, we watch over 1,000 plant + animal species unique to the region—many endangered.

Woman holding young child in arms while they gaze at the San Elijo Lagoon and surrounding nature in San Diego.

Experience the Coast

When a child on a school field trip tells us this is their first time at the ocean, we’re motivated to keep them coming back! Like many children who live upstream or far away, they cannot access the coast. Your gift changes this by opening the outdoors to everyone.

Discovering the beauty of San Diego hikes, a smiling woman and man navigate sandstone slot canyons.
A woman is running on a dirt trail. Her surroundings show the desert coastal ecosystem that make up many San Diego hikes.

Connect via Nature Trails

Enhance San Diego hikes! Donate to Nature Collective to preserve open spaces and create more accessible trails for all – including wheelchairs, families, and dogs. Your gift has the power to bring interconnected trails to life and save lands for generations.

A family enjoying one of many San Diego hikes together, with the boy being carried on his mom's back.

Unite Friends + Families

With immersive experiences, family + friends enjoy the outdoors together. We encourage loving relationships with rivers, streams, forests, slopes, and seashore. Your gift saves nature in San Diego and shares its inspiring ways for a healthier, happier, and flourishing world.

Nature, a Love Story

When we experience nature, it inspires us.
With mesmerizing grace, it evokes wonder.
In nature, we discover trees, critters. . .ourselves.
We can breathe.
We see things anew.
We come alive and we also come together.
It heals . . . centers . . . opens us up to new possibility.
Just one experience has the power to captivate our heart.
In love, we become her greatest steward and advocate.


Philanthropy You Can Trust

Nature Collective is recognized with the highest level of nonprofit credentials. We are a leader among San Diego nonprofits that measures progress + impact with transparency.

Candid Platinum Transparency 2024 + Charity Navigator 4 Star Seals awarded to Nature Collective.

Alternate Ways to Give

By Mail:
Nature Collective
PO Box 230634 Encinitas, CA 92023

By Phone:
Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm PT