Habitat Restoration

Without thriving native plant species, our lands – and their ecosystems – aren’t truly healthy.

That’s why we work to control invasive plants in the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve, throughout the Carlsbad Hydrologic Unit, and beyond. The more our native plants flourish, the more that endangered animals in California get to reside in their life-giving habitats.

Over 40 miles of streams within the Escondido Watershed have been restored due to our efforts in controlling invasive plants. 

Join the many visitors + volunteers who keep an eye out for invasive plant species – and help us revegetate the area with native plants!

“Certain invasive plants do extensive damage to private property and natural resources, including increasing the risks associated with fire and degrading native habitat. We address these non-native invasive plants that spread aggressively, often onto neighboring properties, making them difficult to control.”

— Bradley Nussbaum, Director of Habitat Management
bush of blooming cream/white colored flowers surrounded by green leafy stems

What We Do

  • Monitor invasive plants – both established and new.
  • Recruit volunteers to help monitor + remove invasive plants, as well as staff + contractors to help with major projects.
  • Revegetate with beautiful native plants – so our lands can flourish.
Purple Beach Sand Verbena growing alongside the Lagoon

Why We Do It

  • To keep or restore native habitats so native wildlife can use them.
  • To preserve what’s left of natural habitats in urbanized San Diego.
  • To provide critical connectivity for wildlife.
  • Because our lands are a stop along the Pacific Flyway, a bird migration corridor.
  • Because it allows people who use the trails to experience a healthy + diverse ecosystem.

Key Initiatives

Photo Gallery

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