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Your creativity rocks! Art leaves a great inspiration!

Join our virtual Earth Day Art Challenge! Watch our short video (don’t forget to subscribe to our page) showing ideas on how to use dried leaves, fallen flowers and bark … anything naturally uncut from the yard or neighborhood. 

Check out a few submissions in today’s blog to inspire your natural ideas:

Above: Sunshine (fallen leaves, pine needles and flower petals) by Jennifer Hewitson

Above: Hold on to Hope (paper) by A. Dunne

Above: Sunflower Bouquet (fallen sunflowers, branches, leaves) by Rosie B

Above: Sea Star (acrylic paint on driftwood in closet) by LC Keys

Create your Earth Day Art and tag us #EarthDay #NatureReflections:

*Featured Image: Shorebird in the Tide (fallen leaves, twigs and feather) by Charlie B

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