Our Conservation Projects

Wildlife Preserves

Let’s protect the wildlife in San Diego.

Part of our mission is to protect habitats. In our own backyard, the riparian habitat is a key one to preserve. We do this at the Ford Wildlife Preserve, a 33-acre area provides critical habitats for great horned owls, coyotes, mule deer, and endangered birds, such as Least Bell’s Vireo (please note: no public access).

Participate in San Diego wildlife conservation . . . at your local nature connection!

“Our wildlife preserves total 51 acres, providing important habitats for great horned owls, coyotes, mule deer, and endangered birds, such as Least Bell’s Vireo. These animals depend on native riparian habitat and connected wildlife corridors to thrive. We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and we look forward to protecting even more acres of precious habitats.”

— Bradley Nussbaum, Habitat Management Director
Green bush with small red berries

What We Do

  • Purchase land or receive conservation easements so land is protected as open space in perpetuity.
  • Preserve diverse habitat types, including riparian, coastal sage scrub, chaparral, and marsh wetlands – and even rarer habitats, like southern coastal bluff scrub.
  • Protect 51 acres.
Hummingbird sitting atop a tree

Why We Do It

  • To provide critical connectivity corridors for wildlife.
  • Because it gives wildlife species habitats as urbanization spreads 
  • To offer a place of refuge, where wild animals can receive minimal human impacts.

Key Initiatives

  • Ford Wildlife Habitat Preserve and Nature Collective Preserve provide an important riparian corridor along the Escondido Creek.
  • Invasive Plant Control to support our local animal life. Without the right conditions, they may become endangered – and the endangered ones could become extinct.

Help Us Protect the Wildlife

Join up with fellow nature-loving individuals . . . and help restore the natural balance of our unique lands.