Land Acquirement

Would you like Nature Collective to protect your coastal land?

If you gift land to our organization, we can save wonderful open space or create a beneficial habitat on it. Land gifts can provide safe havens for threatened and endangered species in California.

We also work with landowners who’d prefer to retain ownership of their land, providing a conservation easement or gifting in a will. To protect the watershed ecosystem, helping plants and animals on the edge of – and far beyond – the lagoon is key.

Generations to come can learn from – and enjoy nature – on your land.

How Your Gift Helps Us

Manage Habitats

The further we can reach, the more flora + fauna we can protect.

Share with Future Generations

Coastal lands need stewards to conserve the area for generations to come, for both scenic enjoyment and wildlife variety.

Assist with Invasive Species Control

For landowners with invasive species on their property, we can protect our lands – and yours too.

Types of Land Donations

If you want to protect your land yet continue to own it, you can place a conservation easement over all or some of the land. You can also donate a remainder interest to the Nature Collective, which gifts the land or a conservation easement to our organization upon the death of the landowner. Both options hold potential tax benefits for a landowner.

More Gifting Resources

Visit our Land Use Terms Glossary for definitions, as well as ways to secure and gift conservation lands.


Reach out to ask about land acquirement via the Nature Collective. We can work with landowners to reach their conservation goals.