Welcome All to Your Restored Wetland

Channels in San Elijo Lagoon


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Nature Collective, supporters, and stakeholders for San Elijo Lagoon Restoration will gather on June 4 to celebrate your wetland restored to more optimal health.

This is one of the largest wetland restorations in California. We invite you to join us and listen for songbirds and to watch herons and egrets patiently stalk prey in tidal inlets. Breezes across the tidal channels, now wider and extending farther inland, will carry the scents of brackish water—uniquely important to coastal life. 

When you join us for the ceremony on June 4, 2022 at 11:00 am we encourage you to continue hiking and meeting Nature Collective volunteer trail ambassadors. Take the
3-mile loop challenge and personally connect to how our communities now join in one continuous loop! Visitors can receive prizes at stations along the trails. It’s a community celebration for the health of our San Elijo Lagoon and our North Coastal communities.

We had this vision—35 years ago—that San Elijo Lagoon could be restored. And here we are! We restored the lagoon for enhanced tidal flow and anticipated sea-level rise. We took actions to leave the stepping stones for current and future species.

The environmental enhancements made possible by the TransNet Environmental Mitigation Program began in fall 2017. The half-cent Transnet tax funded this $100 million undertaking. Now with restoration complete, we are monitoring through the next 50 years—ensuring that what we designed is working as sea levels rise and our climate changes.

Thank you to all you our supporters, partners and stakeholders who worked with us from the very beginning to the end to ensure that everything we did to restore this lagoon would represent our finest, most efficient, and most creative actions yet.


Individuals/ Foundations/ Funds
Richard + Susan Andrews
James + Nancy Austin
Elsie Begler
Bonnie + Gunnar Biggs
Gerald + Shela Bordin
Donald Davis + Lesa Heebner
Anthony R Hunter and Jennifer Price Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Dilley Family
Tom + Vera Emrick
Richard Gomez + Lina Mendenhall
Sarah + Steven Henriksen
Daniel + Susan Henry
Chantel Hill
Margaret + Paul Judge
John + Barbara Kohler
Rich + Sharon Leib
James + Nancy Likins
Susan Lux
Jackie Malone
Andrea Meyer
Richard + Frances Moore
Carl Mostert
Jon + Sharon Nachison
Larry Paris
Reich-Gonczy Family Trust Gving Account at Fidelity Charitable
Debby + Tracy Richmond
James + Nancy Saw
Charles + Jenny Schalliol, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc.
Darrell + Jill Shrader, Fidelity Charitable*
Sharon Snyder
Becky Sox
Mandy + Bill Stallcup
Debbie Stranton + Douglas Belden
Kris + Dayle Van Lom
Colleen Veneri
Renata Villa-Teschler
James House + Cathy White House
June Wolf
James + Jane Woulfe

In Honor
Carolyn Brandeen, in honor of the marriage of Mark Stabb and Theresa Nguyen

In Memory
Kathy Tanaka, in memory of Steve Van Voorhis

Johnson + Johnson
Nordson Corporation Foundation

*President Circle



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