Now Open! Harbaugh Seaside Trails

people gather at the donor monument of harbaugh seaside trails


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Discover Amazing Coastal and San Elijo Lagoon Views + New Trail Connections

Harbaugh Seaside Trails is now open for exploration, sunset moments, dog walking and peaceful contemplation in nature! Thanks to many supporters who helped us achieve this highly anticipated public open space, rooted in community spirit.

ribbon cutting harbaugh seaside trailsAbove: Doug Gibson, Nature Collective Director; Jewel Edson, City of Solana Beach Mayor; Joe Balla, The Harbaugh Foundation Director; and Doug Gillingham, Immediate Past President of Nature Collective – Ribbon Cutting at Sunset February 22, 2020. 

“We saved these views together! says Doug Gibson. “Today we celebrate that generations will cherish what we refused to lose for the collective love of nature and community.”

The Nature Collective property is named in honor of the late George & Betty Harbaugh, San Diego philanthropists who directed their estate planning to benefit nature + community.

L-R: Andrew Lighterink + Anjie Lighterink; Pamela Balla holding grandson Fletcher Lighterink + Joe Balla, Director of The Harbaugh Foundation; and Jackson Balla

“It has been an honor and privilege to work with the Nature Collective and our community to preserve this amazing property and to make it accessible now and for future generations,” says Joe Balla, Director of The Harbaugh Foundation, whose $1.15 million gift secured this land.


Above: The wave-shaped trail winds through the 3-acre property. There are 8,000 native plants growing on the land that represent four Southern California coastal habitats.

See the pin flags? Each plant is marked to study survivorship and also to indicate hand watering through summer until the plants are more established by fall season.

 Did you know? More than 400 volunteers helped to install these plants with us.

Above: The donor monument is like stepping into a circle of love with honor tiles set into the lagoon wildlife-themed mosaic structure. Photo by Betsy K. Schulz, sculpture artist

Above: Sunset views Harbaugh Seaside Trails

SUNSET VIEW TOURS: Feb 29, Mar 12 + 18
Join us on guided Sunset View Tours of Harbaugh Seaside Trails. Discover the new trail with Nature Collective while learning fun facts of how this property came to be.
Register: thenaturecollective.org/events

We Saved These Views Together!

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