Escondido Creek Restoration

Least Bell's Vireo Perched in Tree


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Nature Collective is restoring 139 acres along the Escondido Creek 

California’s Pacific Flyway, a critical migration path stretching from Alaska to Patagonia, is under severe threat. Every year, billions of birds depend on this flyway, but habitat loss, water shortages, diminishing food supplies, and climate change are causing alarming disruptions.

Pacific Flyway Animated MapAbove: Animated map of the Pacific Flyway migration route. Photo: Open Space Trust.

The San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve and the Escondido Creek watershed are of critical importance to these migratory birds, providing essential habitats, nourishment, and rest.

Since 2020 as part of a Wildlife Conservation Board funded project, Nature Collective has been urgently working to improve the habitat diversity along Escondido Creek. We’re battling invasive species that stifle the growth of native plants and disrupt ecological balance. Our goal is clear: to enhance the ecological functions of the habitats along Escondido Creek. We’ve made commendable progress, removing a significant number of invasive trees, including 916 eucalyptus trees and 786,723 pounds plant biomass (equivalent to over 28 large dump trucks!) from the project sites.

Nature Collective's Habitat Restoration Projects Along the Escondido CreekAbove: A map of habitat restoration sites

Removing invasive trees and plants is just the beginning. We need to continue transforming the understory into a rich mix by urgently planting more native trees and plants to bolster the local ecosystem. This will create a welcoming environment for resident and migratory birds, including endangered species like the Least Bell’s Vireo, a small songbird that thrives in wooded areas along Escondido Creek.

California SycamoreAbove: The majestic native California Sycamore can grow up to 100 feet.

Our focused efforts along Escondido Creek will also boost wildlife connectivity for mammals like the Southern mule deer.

Southern mule deer in a field by Escondido CreekAbove: Southern mule deer 

We need your support now more than ever. Your donation can help us address urgent wildlife needs and formulate effective conservation strategies. Your contribution can make a difference in the survival of the Pacific Flyway. Act urgently, donate today!

Feature Image:  Least Bell’s Vireo

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