Welcome, Ramona School Children!



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This fall, elementary school children in Ramona are joining our science education experiences.

We thank our longtime partner, SDG&E, by helping to make the addition of this district possible through the continuation of their Environmental Champions initiative.

“The Environmental Champions grant program is meant to improve our region’s understanding of climate science and activate our communities to proactively respond,” says Morgan Justice-Black, Community Relations Manager with SDG&E. “Through support for the Protecting our Watersheds: Inquiry to Action experiences, we are excited to partner with Nature Collective to further our shared goal of protecting our planet for future generations.”

It is important that we reach out to include hundreds more kids and families, so that everyone can grow up learning to protect, experience and protect nature. We think inclusively and diversely when serving those growing up devoid of nature, those who remember nature and want to connect back to it, and those who already have an affinity with nature.

Working with Escondido + Vista + Ramona School Districts we are connecting students and teachers with hands-on experiences in nature. In-person and through virtual programming, students will hone their observation skills and engage in science practices outdoors. We will collectively take actions that help protect our community’s air, water, and land through waste reduction and recycling, and water conservation.

Here’s to the school year ahead! And to a generation of children who will find peace in the natural world through the collective experiences of sharing their adventures together.

Thank you, San Diego Gas & Electric

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