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We thank Union Bank Foundation for supporting our Escondido Union school partnership with a continuing $10,000 grant!

 To encourage students to get off their screens and connect with the natural world, all of the lessons will be taught through the lens of nature journaling. To support this approach to teaching, every fifth-grade student in Escondido has received a journaling kit that includes journaling essentials such as a notebook, pencil and eraser, colored pencils, ruler, and hand lens.

Each student will receive a total of six one-hour lessons: three will be taught by Nature Collective staff, and three will be taught by Escondido Union School fifth grade teachers. The program focuses on the habitats found in the Escondido Creek watershed, the positive and negative human impacts on the watershed, and actions we can all take to help protect the watershed’s resources.

Additionally, because students are unable to visit the lagoon and connect directly with nature, every student has a jade plant clipping to allow students to observe root growth over time and to make regular journal entries using their observation skills.

With our shift to virtual teaching, our program supports educational goals of providing opportunities for students to 1) connect to nature, 2) become watershed literate, 3) recognize the relevancy of natural places, and 4) to act on behalf of watershed health.

With San Elijo Lagoon restoration project complete, and with expanded trails throughout the lagoon, we are looking forward to redesigning our 2021-2022 curricula to allow students more opportunities to explore and get up close to a range of habitats.  

Are you an educator? Check out our Nature Journaling Workshop, a 3-part series beginning January 23. We thank Union Bank Foundation for their longtime support for kids, outdoors.

The Union Bank Foundation is our nature hero — and part of our supporters’ stories we share to inspire us all to connect, experience, and protect nature.
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