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The John + Elizabeth Leonard Family Foundation will match your donation now through December 31, 2020!

Along with feeling anxious during this global pandemic, there is a feeling of loneliness that is all too real for many. We want to remind you that outdoor open spaces and trails are here for you.

Claudia is 62 and lives by herself. Her children and grandchildren live along the East Coast, and for many months she felt forgotten by the world. But Claudia remembered that nature is still here for her.

“I decided to walk the nature loop at San Elijo Lagoon one morning. Here, I find my friends,” shares Claudia. “I hear the birds sing, the calming water flows gracefully, and visitors connect with smiling eyes above their masks while waving. Fragrant sage fills the air with the scent of home — my home away from home.”

GIVE TODAY! Your gift protects your home away from home.

Claudia is happy to embrace her home away from home and find her community doing the same. “Just giving a wave to a stranger on the trail inspires me to feel less alone. It reminds me we are in this together. I cherish knowing that we are all seeking and finding peace and community during such a crazy time.”

It’s because of you that nature’s home away from home is still available. Nature Collective supporters, like you, help to expand open space.
This is possible with YOUR SUPPORT.

Will you help us continue to connect communities safely by giving today? Our award-winning nonprofit is making a difference in the lives of every person, plant and animal that need open space.

Yes! I am making a matching gift today.

The John + Elizabeth Leonard Family Foundation is generously matching gifts of $100 or more — up to $50,000 — now through December 31, 2020.

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