2021 Board of Directors



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Celebrating the Talents of New Members + Thank you 

We welcome our 2021 board of director members and congratulate and honor our immediate past president.

Join us in welcoming Michael Lea, PhD as President, Board of Directors! He also chairs the Lands Committee as part of his support and leadership.

He succeeds Nicolle Selby-Thomas, Immediate Past President, who was honored at our December virtual celebration for her connective leadership for three years, and will continue on the team. 

And we welcome new Board Members: Gabriela Beas and Kendra J. Muller. They both come to the board with a diversity of talents and are joining our new committee for Justice. Equity. Diversity. Inclusivity.

Michael Lea, PhD, President
Michael is a retired academic and financial services executive. He has traveled to more than 50 countries for business and cultural exploration. He earned a PhD in Economics from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Michael and his wife, Teri, enjoy the outdoors. They are both Legacy and President Circle members.

“Being outdoors means everything to me,” mentions Dr. Lea, also pictured in main image. “Cycling and hiking are ways that I connect and experience nature. As president I am looking forward to helping others find access and joy in nature.”

Gabriela Beas, Board Member
Gabriela Beas provides academic support, social services and leadership opportunities for students and their families via the Migrant Education Program at the San Diego County Office of Education. She shares, “If we teach our community to love nature, they will do a better job to protect it, especially when our communities feel ownership and that they belong there.”

Gabriela is completing an MA in Education from National University. “Creating opportunities for my students and families to show off their talents, skills and experiences is what inspires me to join the board,” she adds, as one who is passionate about ensuring that the Latinx community is represented in all aspects of North County, including access to open space.

Kendra J. Muller, Board Member
Kendra Muller is involved in research projects concerning minority inclusion, accessibility, women empowerment, and mental health care. She is passionate for human rights and civil law solving social issues, such as human trafficking and gender equality. She is completing a Juris Doctor, Dual Concentration in Public Interest and International Law at University of San Diego.

Kendra shares, “While we cannot change the world overnight, I feel that organizations like Nature Collective, which center around creating inclusion and better environments for the future, is what helps me stay motivated. Small changes and making just one person’s day by providing them with nature they have not accessed before is what I enjoy.”

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Our Board Members invite you to join new experiences this year. Please make a New Year’s gift today that supports our vision of a world where everyone has a passion to connect with, experience, and protect nature.

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