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Artist Randy Roberts
Acrylic on Canvas | 74” W x 52″ H

With undeniable raw energy, Roberts’ image portrays the interplay between nature’s power and human influence. Vivid waves show a moment in the natural ebb and flow cycle known as a backwash. A strong force pulls back towards the deep sea’s origin, with a desire to take everything with it. The viewer is encouraged to investigate their dynamic relationship with the environment, a lens used in Nature Collective programs.

Visit Randy Roberts‘ website to purchase. Partial proceeds will go to Nature Collective.

Above: Nature Collective guides a beach clean up to support cleaner ocean water. 

Nature Collective delivers science-based education programs that provide San Diego youth with enriching learning experiences in the great outdoors. From ocean field trips, lagoon explorations, native plant gardens, and beyond — students develop critical thinking skills as they strengthen their bond with nature.

 Above: An attendee of a youth summer camp observes ocean activity with binoculars.

Ecosystems in Action is one program that works with local school districts to offer semester-long outdoor education that meet Next Generation Science Standards. Curiosity, observation, and discovery are encouraged while these future leaders learn.

Above: Students use a magnifying glass to examine a coastal lagoon ecosystem. 

Once the school bus unloads, student scientists step into the field and ask thought provoking questions like: “What living and nonliving things are found here? How am I interacting with this ecosystem?” Often times, they can be found investigating, recording data, and making claims as they explore the natural world together on guided hikes.

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Above: The threatened Western Snowy Plover on Nature Collective stewarded shore.

Nature Collective drives a passion for nature, for all. Present in our 4th decade, we are a trusted conservation and science education nonprofit leader in San Diego. We work to restore native habitats for greater plant and wildlife diversity. We want our places and events to offer every human an experience and deep connection with the living world.

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