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Will you continue to protect open lands and keep habitats available for all the beautiful plants and animals of San Elijo Lagoon, and beyond its borders?

It has been over a year since our lives have all dramatically and unexpectedly changed, but Spring is here to remind us that rebirth and something new are always around the corner.

Connection to nature is universal. It’s a gift that is accessible to all of us, and will continue to be protected through the gift of your membership.

Your membership gift is appreciated and will go far.

  • Your gift of $50 — helps keep vital community resources, like Harbaugh Seaside Trails, accessible and maintained.
  • Your gift of $100 — helps restore natural areas with beautiful, indigenous plants so that endangered wildlife can thrive.
  • Your gift of $250 — helps provide valuable community outreach, education and scientific research to further protect nature.
  • Your gift of $500 — helps provide nature experiences. Children connecting with nature explore their feelings about youth-specific challenges.

If you believe in the magic of nature as many of our members do, please follow your heart and give with as much generosity as you can imagine. Great things are on the way this Spring. And with you, we can do so much more!

March Gifts

We recognize and honor the following individuals, families and organizations who made gifts to Nature Collective this past March. Thank you:

Dana Antao
Robert Gaskin
Martie Moreno
Nicolle Selby-Thomas + Jeff Thomas *
Stefan Savage
Alexander + Barbara Stanculescu
Peter Delmonte + Katherine Blumberg
Jennifer Trombley

In Memory of
Jane A. Gladden in memory of Frances Hamilton White  
Craig Ohman in memory of Sheila Johnson

Johnson + Johnson

*President Circle Member

Yes! I will make a gift today in honor of nature and what it means to me.

*Feature image is a Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)

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