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 The John + Elizabeth Leonard Foundation Will Match Donations $1 for $1 Now Through December 31, 2019!

Our planet is losing animal species and their habitats every day. As fewer people connect with, experience, and fall in love with nature—nature will begin to lose her voice.

Who will be the voice that will protect nature now, and always?

Ten-year old Michelle connected with a stingray gliding through the shallow waters at San Elijo Lagoon. Michelle’s mom works long days and weekends to support her family. Spending quality time together is rare, but on this sunny day, Michelle and her mom explored the coast for the very first time together. Michelle shares, “I love all of the sea animals and I hope we can do it again sometime soon!”

Your gift provides opportunities for families like Michelle and her mom to connect with, experience, and protect our natural world.
Please give today!

As you know, it is a magical moment when you encounter wildlife up close, and experiencing this magic with a loved one makes it even more special.

Thanks to nature loving people like you, native plants and animals are thriving. Our recent actions in placing rocks at the inlet of San Elijo Lagoon to stabilize the channel is also creating a new habitat type.

We recently observed a perennial sea kelp growing from these rocks. Kelp will provide habitat for smaller schools of fish and stingrays, as well as larger fish like perch and sand bass. And, fingers crossed, our state marine fish: the protected bright orange garibaldi.

But we have so much more to do! Nature needs your help more than ever.
Your support will ensure that more critical habitat restoration continues.

Your gift today will build confidence and provide nature experiences for people like Michelle and her mom, and save critical habitat for more species like stingray + perch + sand bass.

Yes! I am making a Matching Gift.

The John & Elizabeth Leonard Family Foundation is generously matching gifts of $100 or more—up to $50,000—now through December 31, 2019.

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