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On Solstice, We Hosted the Art + Nature Hike Featuring our New Lake Drive Trail

Your gifts help us to open the outdoors with new experiences, like our recent Art + Nature event at the new Lake Drive Trail. On June 21 we celebrated summer solstice with Canyon Crest Academy art students, their families and friends + local community members with tastes of the trails refreshments, a guided nature tour and poetry reading in our first official trail event.

Nature Collective board member Michael Lea and Board President Nicolle Selby-Thomas and her dog KJ joined us at the Art + Nature Solstice Hike.

This trail features artistic interpretations of native plants and animals found in the area. The pieces were designed and painted on storm drain covers by Canyon Crest Academy Envision Visual Arts students.  

Opening Lake Drive Trail was a two-year collaborative effort by many supporters.

A Special Thank you to:

The Anthony Cerami + Ann Dunne Foundation for World Peace, our supportive donor who made the 77-acre land acquisition possible;
CALFIRE Conservation Corps who cleared invasive plants for fire prevention safety, American Conservation Experience, Canyon Crest Academy Envision Program student artists, and our incredible community habitat restoration volunteers!

Thanks to your incredible support, outdoor access increases with all ages adventures, like Art + Nature, with more experiences to be announced!


Richard + Susan Andrews
Alan + Cheryl Barnebey
Gerald + Shela Bordin
Helen Bourne
John + Yolanda Cooper
Dennis Cramer + Robin Radlauer-Cramer
Gilbert Combs + Dixie Curran
Scott + Kathi Curriden
David Daymude + Lisa Lane
Mary Deans
Suzanne Demong
Lori Dilley
George Eiser
Dr. Richard Gomez + Lina Mendenhall
William + Sandra Knowles
Michael + Shea Levin
Gibson Lighting
Dave + Barbara Loskutoff
Jennifer Luce
Susan Lux
Quentin Powers
James + Nancy Saw
Judy Schramm
Elizabeth Seibold
Tom + Linda Shipman
Solana Beach Civic + Historical Society
Milton + Zita Spinner
Cheryl Thornburg
John Tolpa
Carl + Kim Ware
Francisco + Toni Wong

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