Ripples of Connectivity



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Artist Randy Roberts
Acrylic on Canvas | 54” W x 84″ H

Roberts delivers a clash of ocean waves against a sandy expanse, accentuating the importance of Cardiff sand dunes’ role in shielding Highway 101 from erosion. As every wave shapes the surrounding landscape, occasionally spilling onto the highway, we contemplate the intersection of nature and human development. This juxtaposition brings to focus the connection we have with the natural realm and prompts discussion for innovative solutions that uphold both environmental integrity and societal needs.

Visit Randy Roberts‘ website to purchase. Partial proceeds will go to Nature Collective.

Above: Cardiff Living Shoreline community volunteer.

Nature Collective provides a dual solution with the Cardiff Living Shoreline project. By creating and maintaining healthy native dune ecosystems, plant and wildlife biodiversity is promoted, and safe habitat for threatened species like the Western Snowy Plover are provided. Moreover, our local coastlines are better equipped with flood protection. 

Above: Dunes successfully taking the brunt force of storms to protect Highway 101

Expectedly, winter tides and storms will impact dunes. Taking the brunt, these sandy defenses demonstrate their significance in shielding the roads from water damage and erosion. Nature Collective’s Cardiff Living Shoreline project aims for ongoing restoration and enhancement of dunes, applying their ability to withstand future coastal threats.

Above: Native plants incorporated into dune establishment for wildlife habitat.

When San Elijo Lagoon’s inlet gets opened, the surplus of sand is repurposed to shape dunes along South Coast Highway 101, where it now hosts a variety of colorful native vegetation. Among these plants are vibrant blooms like beach sand verbena and beach primrose. Native vegetation plays a crucial role in stabilizing the dunes by anchoring the sands and helping shield them from forces, while also providing wildlife habitat.

More details here.

Above: The threatened Western Snowy Plover on Nature Collective stewarded shore.

Nature Collective drives a passion for nature, for all. Present in our 4th decade, we are a trusted conservation and science education nonprofit leader in San Diego. We work to restore native habitats for greater plant and wildlife diversity. We want our places and events to offer every human an experience and deep connection with the living world.

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