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Jenna Asperslag brings her camera on the trails for peace and inspiration.

Earlier this year, before the pandemic, Jenna met a Nature Collective trail ambassador along Rios trail.

“I learned about all the work being done to conserve the lagoon, and that was when I started to research and look into the importance of these wetlands,” reflects Jenna, whose favorite adventures include hiking and bird photography.

Red-shouldered Hawk | photo by Jenna Asperslag

Jenna, a graphic designer in Carlsbad, joined Nature Collective’s membership this year. She shares how so many cool experiences on the trails inspire her continued learning about ways to protect nature.

“I always enjoy standing by the side of the water and watching an Osprey dive to catch a fish or tracking a Northern Harrier as it flies low over the ground,” she adds.

Spending any amount of time outside, each day, helps Jenna cope with the extra stresses of this pandemic. She is also spending more free time gardening and growing native plants to attract birds.

Western Grebe | photo by Jenna Asperslag

San Elijo Lagoon is one of Jenna’s desired nature adventures. Beyond the estuary, she says it’s hard to narrow down her other favorite wild places—which include Arches National Park (Utah) and in the Golden State: Death Valley National Park + Lassen Volcanic National Park + Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.

Back at home, Jenna looks forward to the future with an ease on social distancing, and adds: “I hope that once things start opening up again and volunteer opportunities resume, I can help out at the lagoon in more ways!”

Red-shouldered Hawk landing | photo by Jenna Asperslag

We miss our in-person experiences, and like Jenna, can’t wait to interact with all of our supporters for tours, special events and volunteering in the wild to help nature thrive.

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Jenna Asperslag is one of our nature heroes, a new Nature Collective member, and part of our supporters’ stories we share to inspire us all to connect, experience and protect nature.
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