Give Love: In Memory and In Honor

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Thanks to places like San Elijo Lagoon, you can experience the grace and beauty that nature provides in times when comfort is most needed.

Would you like to honor a loved one in the name of Nature, and continue to provide healing for those who need it? We can thank Nature for the comfort and peace it brings. By continuing to protect nature — in the name of those we love.

Above: A family visits San Elijo Lagoon to enjoy the everyday surprises and discoveries within the 1,000-acre wetland.

Your memorial gift is tax-deductible and can be made to honor or remember a person of profound importance to you. 

You can give gifts In Memory Of, and In Honor Of, with a suggested donation of $100 or more.
For this special reason, both your name and the name of your loved one will be featured in a Memorial Video. 


Edward Alexander
David Allen
Joseph + Patricia Amshey
Steve + Sally Angus
Betsy Barnhart
James Beyster
Gerald + Shela Bordin
Deborah Cadena
Prudence + William Davison
Edward + Edith Drcar
Marylou + Jac Flanders
Stuart Grauer
Susan + Ken Heffner
Lorine Honeyman
Lisa Lane
Michael + Teri Lea**
Rich + Sharon Leib
Susan Lux
Donna Mancuso + Frederick Dawn
Larry Marquardt
Betsy Penberth
Richard + Pat Robertson
Yas + Ichiko Saotome
Carol Smith
Mark Stabb
Al + Sally Stoffel
Shirley Strum
Steve + Al Tarkington**
Elizabeth + Clint Winant
Mike Zazvrskey

**Legacy Circle


Blackbaud Giving Fund, Viasat
Hansen Surfboards
Johnson + Johnson

Yes! I am making a gift In Memory Of and In Honor Of a very special person.
All memorial gifts made this summer are being honored in a special video in August.

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