Nature Soothes Us Now



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In times of joy, and in times like these when we face an emerging health crisis, remember that nature is here for us all.

Nature, A Love Story

When we experience nature, it inspires us. With mesmerizing grace, it evokes wonder.
In nature, we discover trees, critters … ourselves. We can breathe. We see things anew.
We come alive and we also come together. It heals  … centers  … opens us up to new possibility. Just one experience has the power to captivate our heart. In love, we become her greatest steward and advocate.

Above: Mushrooms amaze us

Nature heals us when we seek solace and inspiration, whether the morning songs of the birds along our trails to the opening petals of spring flowers that are blooming everywhere around us.

We hope you can find nature wherever you are, whether hiking on a trail, gazing at the ocean from an overlook, or feeling the warm rays of the sun on your face through the door or window.

Our dedicated team is currently working remotely as we closely monitor public health directives. Please know that all calls and emails are being answered, and postal mail is checked weekly.

Join us on our social media platforms of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as we share Daily Calm posts to offer a moment to take a break from the day’s tough realities. And: Nature Scavenger Hunts for you or younger community members, along with important updates.

Above: La Jolla, CA seals and sea lion

Nature Collective is continuing our work to connect, experience and protect nature.
We are using this time to identify future grant opportunities, write grants and report to grantors on our metrics of success for curricula, habitat restoration and outreach during the first quarter of the year.

Our team is virtually planning for upcoming summer camps and partnerships, including the creation of future on-campus native plant gardens at many of our partner schools in our newest initiative for hands-on learning.

We are enhancing our science-based school field trip curricula, with an anticipation of an influx of students, families and participants of all ages, from near and far, in the next seasons. We continue to steward our lands and waters, and the restoration of San Elijo Lagoon.

Above: Southern mule deer at San Elijo Lagoon 

The trails of San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve and Harbaugh Seaside Trails are open! The Nature Center is currently closed to the public, while rangers are on hand to oversee the reserve’s trails daily. Let’s be here for nature, when nature is here for us, by practicing Leave No Trace principles. Please continue to check our website for trail updates.

Here in the nonprofit community, this emerging crisis can demonstrate humanity’s finer instincts. The Coronavirus has forced the closure of schools, programs and events, like ours, throughout the world. This affects our team, the contractors we hire and partnerships we actively build.

Above: Early spring blooms color the trails at San Elijo Lagoon

Our concern is for the health and safety of our team, you, our supporters, and those in our communities at greatest risk. If you can, find yourself outside, where you can take a deep breath and get away from it all. Thank you for connecting, experiencing and protecting nature during these times of great public health concerns.

Nature Needs Us Too!
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