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Stephanie Wilde + Tom Heywood Reflect on Their Support of Nature for All

Years ago, Stephanie Wilde and Tom Heywood picked up a brochure for Nature Collective at a family event. It became clear to them that the San Elijo Lagoon they had moved to live near, and now loved, was being protected by an active group of people with shared passions. They joined us then and continue today to give sincerely and with deep personal connections.

“One important plus for us has been the opportunity to meet wonderful people joined in a common goal to preserve an irreplaceable gift for the community and greater San Diego—the San Elijo Lagoon and other lands,” shares Stephanie. “These gifts are not only for the present, but more importantly, the future and our children.”

Loving the lagoon unfolded naturally when Stephanie and Tom entered their prospective home on Santa Carina, which introduced them to this estuary. Stephanie describes, “When we walked through the front door for the first time, the view of the beautiful lagoon took our breath away, and still does to this day.”

They moved here from Carlsbad so that Dr. Heywood would to be closer to his cardiology practice in La Jolla. Their kids and grandkids love to visit. Whether it’s taking nature in from their backyard or exploring the trails, Stephanie recognizes that “it’s time spent together in nature that makes it special.”

Stephanie and Tom describe how they feel fortunate to live near a place that so many people over the years have worked ceaselessly to maintain and protect. “Succinctly, we felt a responsibility to help in this important work,” adds Stephanie.

Stephanie has volunteered in the steering committees for the last four galas—uniting friends and businesses with our vision of nature for all. She and Tom are members of the President’s Circle and Legacy Circle gift and estate planning.

Tom recognizes the impact people have on our natural world and supports how Nature Collective sets aside some lands for plants and animals only, while adding trail connections in others. “We need to create and protect spaces where nature can exist for its own self,” shares Tom. “If we continue to destroy the natural world, we will destroy ourselves.”

Living along San Elijo Lagoon has been life changing for Stephanie. “It has opened up a world that I didn’t know existed,” she shares. “I am on the lagoon nearly every single day. It is part of who I am. I value being present in nature. It is where I find peace—a place that opens the treasures of my own senses.”

They share a favorite piece:

You say that I use the land, and I reply, yes, it is true; but it is not the first truth.
The first truth is that I love the land; I see that it is beautiful; I delight in it;
I am alive in it.—
N. Scott Momaday, Kiowa novelist

Stephanie and Tom both see that the land is beautiful. And they are alive in their support for a world where everyone can experience, connect and protect nature.


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