Season of Giving Back



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Jenny McClintock Shares Her Talents, Time + Philanthropy for a Better World

“We can see it all,” Jenny McClintock mentions, when describing the transitions she and her husband, Mike, view from their home overlooking lagoon restoration. “It’s been incredible! We watched the railroad bridge being deconstructed and the sand dunes being built,” shares Jenny. “The western part is so much healthier than it was 10 years ago.”

Jenny mentions she accidentally found Cardiff Cove in her 20s and it’s been her heart home since, even as she and Mike moved away for a time, and returned 10 years ago.

Her passion for nature stems from childhood vacations camping in summers and exploring national parks—her parents showed her how to have a high regard for nature.

Above: Jenny McClintock joins hundreds of volunteers to plant native species on Harbaugh Seaside Trails.

Now retired, Jenny shares she is in the season of giving back. “Mike and I always want to share what we have. Donating the Nashville Getaway for the AWE Gala seemed like a fun thing for Encinitas folks to consider,” shares Jenny.

You can see Jenny in the reserve volunteering, in her words, in pieces and parts. She helps out in native habitat restoration events. She assisted in placing mosaic tiles on the Donor Monument at Harbaugh Seaside Trails with public artist Betsy K. Schulz. “It’s cool to see how Betsy works, the meticulousness and the beauty. Her touch is reflective of the lagoon,” adds Jenny.

Jenny’s mom is in fragile health. At age 86 she inspires Jenny as her role model, and in admiration of her mother’s volunteer leadership in her Utah community. The McClintocks made a donation celebrating her mother and their shared passions for a healthier community and world.

“Whatever we can do to promote nature’s beauty and preserve it, that’s important.” Jenny is excited that Cardiff-by-the-Sea will soon connect to Solana Beach trails. She adds, “It’s visionary that Nature Collective is doing this.” With more walkability and bikeability in North County, Jenny feels more at home knowing she and Mike are helping to make nature + community healthy for all.

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