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Nature Collective will receive agricultural lands and surrounding natural habitat.

The two agricultural fields that border Manchester Avenue in Cardiff-by-the-Sea and the edge of San Elijo Lagoon have been on our acquisition list for more than a decade. Through a partnership with State of California, we  acquired one of these parcels,  and early next year, we will receive 19 acres of these agricultural lands and surrounding natural habitat.

Above: Nature Collective Easement and Fee Title Lands

We work to conserve land in and around San Elijo Lagoon and throughout San Diego County and provide opportunities for people to have meaningful experiences in nature. As stewards of San Elijo Lagoon, we develop partnerships with neighbors to manage open space and improve the quality of habitat in the Escondido Creek watershed. Several partnerships have evolved into opportunities for outright purchase of parcels containing valuable wildlife habitat, or into management agreements in the form of conservation easements.

We need these lands to hold us in awe and wonder. They can heal us with planting therapies in an onsite nursery, and inspire us through imaginative art installations that connect us, lead us to experience, and conserve nature.

We will provide opportunities in the coming months to explore everyone’s visions, ideas and ways that this land will unite us all to fall more in love with nature’s healing power.

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We think inclusively and diversely when serving those growing up devoid of nature, those who remember nature and want to connect back to it, and those who already have an affinity with nature. We envision a world where everyone experiences, connects with, and protects nature.

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