The Beginning of Finishing Touches + Lagoon Restoration



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Trail Connections and Natural Habitat Enhancements Are Coming into Focus

Restoring San Elijo Lagoon is entering a phase that feels like refurbishing a home: let’s add plants, complete a walkway, and add soil to raise the garden. We are making improvements now in trail connections and natural habitats for resident and visiting birds and all the critters that rely on this important estuary.  

We are closer to completing the new trail from the San Elijo Lagoon Nature Center to Solana Beach via the Rios Avenue trail. Talented crews have completed the bridges. Now they are working on connecting the bridges via trails. The connection is scheduled to open early July 2020.

Above: The completed easternmost pedestrian bridge in the Central basin. Construction crews are removing the water control features below the bridge.

Above: Tidal waters are naturally flowing in this area following the almost complete removal of the water control features.

In the East basin, we are building for sea level rise. Native soil is being added to create an elevated transitional area that will provide refugia for birds and other animals that need the space for nesting, resting and refueling.

Above: The sand colored soil in the foreground is the transitional area. Additional soil will be added to this area over the next several weeks. Some of this work will occur at night.

Closer to the Pacific Coast, tidal channel contouring is complete in the West basin. Dredging is over. Mudflats were built for threatened and endangered plants and animals that rely on these critical habitats.

Above: West basin with tidal flow and mudflats as seen from our newest open space, Harbaugh Seaside Trails

Join us for special events this Spring: Discovery Tours, Sunset View Tours, or Lagoon in Bloom family spring festival. Connect and experience nature.  

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