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Join us virtually on April 22 for our #EarthDayHero Challenge!

Wherever you live, or in your favorite outdoor destinations, bring a bag and gloves for trash removal, and help make nature cleaner! Tag your photos #earthdayhero and share with us!

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For some kids, being an Earth Day hero is every day.

Anna Welch recently picked up trailside debris during several outings with her parents. “We are so proud of her efforts, and we wanted to share her good work with you too,” shares her mom, Andrea Welch.

Many trail visitors practice the Leave No Trace principles. It takes each one of us to ensure the sustainability and beauty of our beloved wild world.

Especially during the pandemic, the Welch family is finding inspiration outdoors. “Our family loves being immersed in nature, and the lagoon is full of surprises just waiting to be discovered — from beautiful migratory birds to amazing native plants to tiny shells tucked into the mud. It’s one of our favorite places to explore together,” adds Andrea Welch.

We thank the Welch family for sharing their story of nature love and for supporting our fundraising efforts. And for everyone who supports Nature Collective, thank you.

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