Art + Nature at Harbaugh Seaside Trails



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Beautiful Handmade Mosaics and An Overlook Deck Are Coming Into View + Community Plantings This Fall!

Seeing a buzz of activity at the 3-acre coastal overlook at Harbaugh Seaside Trails? Exciting developments are coming into view.

Let’s begin with the donor monument: it is erected in its own special place along the east side of Historic Coast Highway 101 in San Diego’s North County.

Public artist Betsy K. Schulz is onsite applying her handmade nature-themed mosaics into the poured concrete structure.

This unique style continues the cultural art themes she installed in years prior at the Solana Beach arch on Coast Highway 101, and farther south at the Del Mar Library.

Above: Betsy K. Schulz is a public artist specializing in sculpture ceramic.

Above: L-R: Community volunteer Janie DeCelles + Kathy Tanaka, art assistant to Schulz, help with the laying of the handmade nature-themed mosaics to the donor monument at the land’s entrance.

Above: See the Ridgway’s Rail in the background wall? And the Southern Mule Deer in the foreground? Schulz designed mosaics that represent several iconic native plants and animals at San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve.

Ready for a stunning sunset experience?

When the Myron + Joan Overlook shell-shaped deck is completed, visitors to this permanent open space land will have a place to relax and reflect overlooking the lagoon and ocean.

Above: Construction is underway in the Myron + Joan Overlook Deck at Harbaugh Seaside Trails.

You can be part of restoring this historic land!

Join Nature Collective this fall for a series of native habitat planting events that will involve community members of all ages and backgrounds.

This is nature for you, nature for all. Habitat restoration events will begin in November 2019 and conclude in January 2020. These community plantings are on specific Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Click to see Events Calendar.

Get ready for engaging experiences for collective on-the-ground fun and involvement. Join one, or join every planting event, as these are open to all.

Nature Collective will announce a Harbaugh Seaside Trails public opening ceremony in early 2020. 

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