Brush Fire Extinguished + San Elijo Lagoon



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The October 3, 2019 Brush Fire Occurred off Rios Avenue Trail in San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve

Yesterday evening a fire ignited off of Rios Trail in San Elijo Lagoon at approximately 5:30 pm. The half-acre brush fire burned through vegetation and was extinguished 90 minutes later.

Above: The half-acre burn site is along the upper Rios Trail where Holmwood Canyon trail ascends.

We thank all the responding local fire departments! While officials determine the cause of the trailside fire, Nature Collective + County Parks will monitor the burn site. Please be aware that Rios Trail access may be temporarily limited today while the investigation and cleanup concludes.

We are now developing a native habitat revegetation plan for this burn area and will share those details as plans become more final. This is one way of quickly responding to fire events as part of our comprehensive native habitat restoration actions in San Elijo Lagoon, and beyond.

Eliminating invasive plants allows the native flora and fauna to thrive. Often, invasive plants are fire hazards during dry spells. We are covering a lot of ground in our monitoring and restoration of habitats throughout the Escondido Creek corridor, the Escondido watershed, and beyond in our strategic conservation plans for the health of our communities.

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