Spring Break Hike with Friends



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On Spring Break, Edison and his pals explored nature. They are more inspired to protect it after making new discoveries.

Judy Chan’s son and his pals played outside during their elementary school Spring Break. In her Instagram post (photo above) about their hike in San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve, Judy shares, “Mini spring break hike with his buddies at Annie’s Canyon trail today. The kids loved it and actually went through the narrow slots area twice!”

Judy adds, “This trail has a lot of benches, and the kids felt the need to sit on every single bench there!”

Being in nature helps them want to protect it more, especially after making new discoveries. We followed up with Judy to find out more about their lagoon discoveries, and if other field trips inspired their nature stoke.

“The most exciting discovery for the children was definitely the narrow slots section of the trail,” reflects Judy. “It was amazing to see it and felt like we were in a different world.”

She and Edison also visited Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park in Carlsbad. She shares how it was “fun to explore the old buildings and look at the gardens, and even saw one peacock just chilling out!”

She adds of their San Elijo Lagoon experiences: “The kids love just being outside together with their friends and looking at bugs and seeing the ducks in the water. Being in nature gives us the opportunity to teach them to protect nature more. We taught them the importance of staying on the trails, not to pick up and throw sticks, and to clean up after themselves.”

We thank Judy Chan for elaborating on their Spring Break adventures outdoors.
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