Nothing and Everything



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Artist Randy Roberts
Acrylic on Canvas | 54” W x 84″ H

Evocative and vibrant blue hues serve as a stark reminder that sea levels are rising. Depicting the effects of global warming, viewers confront the reality that while change is inevitable, it’s a matter of Earth persisting with or without us. Nature Collective’s team of scientists champion proactive measures that help mitigate the effects of climate change, while also empowering environmental adaptability and societal responsibility.

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Above: Bradley Nussbaum, Operations Director, gives a learning tour at Cardiff Beach. 

Nature Collective takes leadership in educating communities about topics like rising sea levels due to global warming. Our goal is to cultivate a relationship between humans and nature while guiding individuals on how to embrace stewardship roles that advance nature resilience, wildlife conservation, and sustainable practices for a better future. 

Above: Native habitat transition zones at the San Elijo Lagoon.

Nature Collective creates native habitat transition zones to act as sanctuaries for plants and wildlife. These strategic transition zones serve as vital resting spots for animals against the ever-evolving forces of nature, like rising sea levels and flooding. Scientific evidence underscores their crucial role in safeguarding endangered species.

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Above: The threatened Western Snowy Plover on Nature Collective stewarded shore.

Nature Collective drives a passion for nature, for all. Present in our 4th decade, we are a trusted conservation and science education nonprofit leader in San Diego. We work to restore native habitats for greater plant and wildlife diversity. We want our places and events to offer every human an experience and deep connection with the living world.

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