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Andra Moran got to know us in 1998. Here’s how her unwavering support welcomes all outdoors.

At the beginning of each year, members of our President’s Circle gather to hear the upcoming news and views for the seasons ahead. Andra Moran has hosted this gathering for years—volunteering her home, time and resources, and her planning to contribute to these meaningful events.

“Nature nurtures my soul. Nature is an amazing artist,” shares Andra Moran. “I just feel best when I’m outside on a trail.” Andra first became aware of Nature Collective when she met Bill Gish in 1998. “He took me on the first of many hikes and we attended many events together,” shares Andra, in reflection of the years they shared before Bill’s passing several years ago.

Andra Moran + Bill Gish in Yosemite National Park
*Feature photo: Andra in Northern Ireland

Andra values having lagoons and open spaces along our coast. She describes, “The lagoons are beautiful, and of course I’m so grateful for the people who began programs to protect them and to restore the health of the San Elijo Lagoon and others.”

This past February Andra attended the opening ceremony for Harbaugh Seaside Trails. “I was in awe of all the people that were a part of making the acquisition and the actuality of the site,” she reflects. “So much passion, time and talent. We have a gem here in our community and I feel fortunate to be a small part of Nature Collective.”

Andra is one of our humble heroes—and is a big part of our successes in land conservation and education. She and Bill became Legacy Circle members, joining dedicated supporters whose gifts of estate and estate planning benefit us in strategic ways.

Andra enjoys being a member in both Legacy and President’s Circles. “I’ve learned so much over the years from the presentations that are offered,” adds Andra, “I know my money is going to a wonderful organization that will continue to give back to my community and more, way after I’m no longer around.”

Her parents grew up in Montana. When her dad joined the Marines, Andra remarks he was lucky to be assigned to boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot and next at Camp Pendleton—where she and her three sisters were born.

“I’ve lived in North County my entire 62 years and have seen it grow, in regard to people and places,” shares Andra. “As kids, we grew up playing in the fields and going to the beach. Going on road trips to national parks and to local spots in the mountains—all of these experiences were the beginnings of my love for nature.” 

Andra’s hope for the future of nature and community? “That others will follow the example of Nature Collective to make open space available to the public without malls, for example. We need to let nature shine on its own as much as possible,” she adds.

We thank Andra Moran for sharing her story and for being a huge part of what we do. She is a hero, demonstrating long-term support for the impacts we are making in connecting people to nature, helping them experience its healing benefits, and working together to protect nature always.

L-R: Stuart Grauer, Andra Moran, and Bill Harman, former board member, share a pictured moment with a whimsical butterfly stilt walker at the 2019 AWE Gala

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