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With your continued support + The Escondido Charitable Foundation, We Continue To Bring Kids Outdoors.

With Escondido Charitable Foundation’s grant support, families in Escondido can get ready for connecting, experiencing, and protecting their Felicita County Park.

Thank you, The Escondido Charitable Foundation, an affiliate of The San Diego Foundation, for funding 2020 Nature Collective experiences for youth + families in Escondido.

Providing weekend experiences creates family togetherness and bonding as we enjoy exploring, experiencing, and restoring nature together. Beginning this fall, we and our collective partners will host monthly multi-generational nature experiences.

Our collective partners include: San Diego County Parks & Recreation + San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum + San Diego Zoo Global + City of Escondido +  Escondido Creek Conservancy + Daley Ranch.

Many students in our school field trips are exploring and spending time in nature for the first time. Due to work constraints, parents often cannot accompany their children on field trips during the workweek.

Together in this urban park, we will plant native trees to restore habitat and provide healthier waters and greater wildlife diversity. We will remove invasive plants and pick up trash.

Families will walk the , and learn how early indigenous people of the Americas lived off the land.

We will explore the beautiful Escondido Creek and Kumeyaay Trail and through observation learn about ways to recognize plants and animals.

We will get up-close with nature’s flowers, growing plants and trees, meet with ambassador animals, and take time for quiet reflection and nature journaling.

In April 2020, we will celebrate our shared love and curiosity of the outdoors in an Escondido Earth Day Festival for the entire community and its visitors.

Our 10-year partnership with the Escondido Union School District brings our nationally recognized experiential education field trip experiences
to thousands of students and their families each year.

Your September Gifts Make This + More Possible

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We are Nature for All. Thank you for following our Nature Collective blog.

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