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Interns Develop Public Speaking Expertise

Last month, we hosted our first Sage Environmental Internship presentations. Linden Amundsen + Issac Vallejo shared about their career-shaping experiences with Nature Collective supporters and partners. Issac has graduated and Linden is completing her study.

A public presentation is a key component of our Integrated Internship. We want our interns not only to excel in their fields of study, but to advance in how they communicate why, and what they do. Public communication develops confidence in relating with future colleagues, mentors, grantors and the community-at-large. 

Above: Linden Amundsen collects native seeds in her Integrated Internship with Nature Collective, September 2019

“Throughout the course of my internship, I’ve seen first-hand the collaborative efforts that make our work possible,” shares Linden, who holds a bachelors degree in Environmental Studies from Soka University of America. She carried out research on preserving wild lands and acted as Communications Chair of a Climate Reality Corps Campus Chapter. 

“Whether it’s habitat restoration, invasive species removal, or educational events—community volunteers bring knowledge, determination, and passion that makes every moment of the journey fun and inspiring. I am inspired by how much power there is in community,” adds Linden.

Above: Issac Vallejo conducts water quality testing in his Integrated Internship with Nature Collective, September 2019

Issac Vallejo is a Master’s student in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Ecology at California State University, San Marcos. He reflects, “I am learning the names of different native plant species and how to plant and restore native habitat. I am amazed by the power of our volunteers and how motivated the local community is to restore native habitat.”

Issac is completing his Master’s thesis on the Brazilian tropical savanna, part of the Pantanal, the largest naturally occurring wetland in the world.

Sage Environmental Leadership interns, like Issac + Linden, gain valuable integrated experiences to become more well-rounded professionals by working in Community Habitat Restoration + Land Management + Water Quality. They are mentored over an eight to nine-month period with a stipend + program support provided by our supporters.

We have guided many interns to develop confidence and expertise in life science + conservation fields that truly make a difference.

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The Anthony Cerami + Ann Dunne Foundation for World Health
The John + Elizabeth Leonard Family Foundation
The Mac & Audrey Elliott Family Fund

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“It is natural to protect what we love. To fall in love with nature, we need the personal connection of our senses – we need to be physically involved.”
Ann Dunne, Founder of Sage Environmental Internship Program

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