Final Donor Tiles Available + Harbaugh Seaside Trails

Overlook at Harbaugh Seaside Trails


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Secure Your Donor Monument Tile + Harbaugh Seaside Trails 
We announce that an extremely limited number of donor tiles are available at Harbaugh Seaside Trails! Secure your lasting tributes by Friday, November 22, 2019.

This is an amazing opportunity to make a lasting tribute to someone special. Perhaps it’s a surprise holiday gift! It’s a lifetime of honor. It is all about you and your love for nature and those who share that with you.

bat mosaic, by public artist Betsy Schulz
Above: Handmade bat mosaic in Donor Monument, one of many beautiful art + nature pieces placed by public artist Betsy Schulz.
Public artist Betsy Schulz has been installing her handmade mosaics in the donor monument. As this nears completion, we have identified these few remaining tile opportunities.
  • Small Tiles $2,500
  • Medium Tiles $5,000
  • Large Tiles $10,000
As a contributor, you show your commitment to conservation and community-centered open space in coastal North County.

Harbaugh Seaside Trails will be dedicated in early 2020 following community habitat restoration underway. Please click on the link below to secure your tile(s) of choice and to write your tribute.

Final deadline to secure your tiles: Friday, November 22, 2019 by 5:00 pm.

Click Here to Secure Your Donor Monument Tiles

Nature Collective exists to drive a passion for nature, for all. We believe that if we help people discover a passion for nature, they will want to protect and value everything it has to offer.
Mule deer + bird mosaics by Betsy Schulz in the Harbaugh Seaside Trails Donor Monument.

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