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Artist Randy Roberts
Acrylic on Canvas | 54″ W X 84” H

A pristine wave peels right, epitomizing the timeless allure of the ocean’s embrace and inviting those drawn to its call. Roberts captures this bond, depicting nature’s tranquil beauty and how humans will skillfully harness energy for a perfect ride. Respecting environmental preservation and recreation, Nature Collective led a surf monitoring study to ensure wave quality was uncompromised by San Elijo Lagoon Restoration.

Visit Randy Roberts‘ website to purchase. Partial proceeds will go to Nature Collective.

Above: Tim Stillinger carrying a customized Christenson board with GPS sensor.

Nature Collective’s former Science Director, Tim Stillinger, PhD, surfed more than 2,800 waves using customized GPS-equipped boards. Data from Cherry Hill, Fletcher Cove, Seaside Reef, George’s, Pipes, Swami’s, and D Street revealed no negative impacts resulting from San Elijo Lagoon Restoration’s sand replenishment on surf breaks.

Above: Tim enjoys a ride for science with his GPS-equipped surfboard.

Before, during, and after the lagoon restoration, Tim surfed numerous waves across the seven designated study zones to gather wave quality data. Upon returning to the office, he would analyze this data alongside the pre-restoration records he had compiled. Tim examined whether the beach replenishment sand that came from the lagoon restoration site was altering wave-catching spots or affecting the direction and length of surf rides.

Above: Close up of a GPS sensor on a surfboard used for monitoring wave quality.

“Along with fulfilling monitoring requirements for the San Elijo Lagoon Restoration, we’re setting a precedent and guidelines for future coastal projects to follow best practices. The data is a great baseline for analyzing long-term trends in our surfing resources in the context of climate change and sea level rise.” – Tim Stillinger, PhD

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Above: The threatened Western Snowy Plover on Nature Collective stewarded shore.

Nature Collective drives a passion for nature, for all. Present in our 4th decade, we are a trusted conservation and science education nonprofit leader in San Diego. We work to restore native habitats for greater plant and wildlife diversity. We want our places and events to offer every human an experience and deep connection with the living world.

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