Discovery Kits for Nature’s Kids



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With in-person field trips on pause at this time, we continue to connect kids with nature through our virtual workshops and standards-aligned curricula.  

This fall, 1,500 kids are receiving nature journaling backpacks from Nature Collective to inspire their curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills while enjoying time outside. It’s all about the empowering and connective practice of Nature Journaling. 

Thanks to support from the San Diego County Board of Education, and donors like you, these journaling tools help to give hands-on learning as kids delve into our innovative Nature Journaling lessons.

Let’s explore! Opening up the kits, students can use: a journaling notebook, colored pencils, ruler, magnifying glass, loop string to discover the world around them — all to help them become more present and to observe the natural world using all the senses. Additionally, Escondido students are watering, learning to propagate and care for a jade plant in these months to come.

Looking ahead, we will be assisting participating schools to install indigenous plant pollinator gardens on school campuses. Imagine more butterflies, birds and bees hovering over beautiful plants that kids are helping to grow.

If you are a teacher or educator, sign up for the FREE Virtual Teacher Trainings beginning November 4.  These interactive trainings provide teachers with the skills and confidence to lead nature journaling lessons

Here’s what several teachers are saying about this training:

“I feel more confident integrating nature journaling into my class.”

“I like practicing and trying one technique during each session.”

“I appreciate the direct connections to educational standards.”

Nature journaling is part of our vision: a world where everyone has a passion to connect with, experience, and protect nature.

A partner educator, Kim Douillard, posted these shared photos on Twitter with the message, “Thank you @SD_Nature for the nature notebooks. We’re using words, pictures and numbers to notice and wonder.”

You can help, too. Donations of any amount are encouraged for our nationally award-winning nonprofit. Join us to increase our impacts to drive a passion for nature, for all.

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