Dreaming Awake



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Artist Randy Roberts
Acrylic on Canvas | 54″ W X 84” H

From an aerial perspective of endless possibility, a radiant ocean wave materializes. Roberts’ striking painting urges the viewer to transcend from passive dreaming and recognize the world as an opportunity to actively create their desired future. With natural elements like the sun warming turquoise waters and wind sculpting a wave,  you are being beckoned to shape your reality in harmony with the surrounding forces.

Visit Randy Roberts‘ website to purchase. Partial proceeds will go to Nature Collective.

Above: Hiker explores local nature found in San Diego county.

Nature Collective envisions a world where everyone has a passion for connecting with, experiencing, and protecting nature. That’s why we diligently save land and cultivate events that provide human experiences deeply intertwined with the living world.

Above: Young child reaches out to touch a native shrub.

Nature Collective is an award-winning nonprofit that leads the way for science-based educational experiences, conservation, and consultancy. We help future generations protect surrounding natural environments. We think inclusively and diversely when serving those devoid of, reconnecting with, or prioritizing a relationship with nature. 

Above: Person with a telescope, looking at the San Elijo Lagoon from Pole Trail.

With your remarkable support, we bridge people with nature to help inspire a deep appreciation for its protection. Together, our dedication to science-driven solutions has made an impact on preserving precious ecosystems and biodiversity for generations.

Will you dream with us?

Above: The threatened Western Snowy Plover on Nature Collective stewarded shore.

Nature Collective drives a passion for nature, for all. Present in our 4th decade, we are a trusted conservation and science education nonprofit leader in San Diego. We work to restore native habitats for greater plant and wildlife diversity. We want our places and events to offer every human an experience and deep connection with the living world.

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