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Our planet is losing animal species and their habitats every day. As fewer people connect with, experience, and fall in love with nature—nature will begin to lose her voice. Who will be the voice that will protect nature now, and always?

On a brisk and sunny morning, 23-year old Helené experienced, for the first time, the rare musical chatter of a federally endangered bird. As you know, it is rare to see birds like the Least Bell’s Vireo, but if you are lucky, you might hear one. Helené felt in awe after experiencing the beautiful bird song, and proclaimed, “I will protect nature. And I will start by taking action and speaking up on her behalf.”

Least Bell’s Vireo | Image: Robert Hamilton, courtesy eBird.org. Click to hear its song.

Your support makes action possible. Please give today and protect nature!

Fortunately, special people like you know how important it is to save endangered species. And you know how critical it is to provide the youth of today the chance to experience the beautiful outdoors.

Thanks to nature loving people like you, native plants and animals are thriving. Our recent actions in creating space for native willows was successful, and now seven of these cute grey birds call San Elijo Lagoon home.

But we have so much more to do! Nature needs your help more than ever.
Your support will ensure that more critical habitat restoration continues.

Your gift today will build confidence and provide nature experiences for people like Helené. You will help protect nature, today—and tomorrow. And you will save critical wildlife corridors and habitat for more endangered species, like the Least Bell’s Vireo.

In gratitude for you, we thank you for your collective support. May you enjoy the 2019 Holiday Season with those you love, and in nature!

And remember: The John + Elizabeth Leonard Family Foundation is matching your gifts of $100+!

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