Bake Sale for the Birds

Girl Scouts install native plants on Harbaugh Seaside Trails


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Girl Scout Troop 2357 Raised Funds to Enhance Habitat for the Endangered Ridgway’s Rail

Katie Burns is the leader for Girl Scout Troop 2357. Her troop loves spending time outdoors and learning about wildlife. 

As part of their fourth grade Junior Level of Girl Scouts, the girls were encouraged to complete the Girl Scout Outdoor Journey, which earned them badges for camping and learning about endangered animals.

After completing these badge requirements, the girls brainstormed together to find a Take Action Project to make an impact in their community.

“Because of how invested they were in the discussion of endangered animals, I mentioned that we have an endangered bird in San Diego, the Ridgway’s Rail, that they could help in our own community,” shares Katie Burns. “I hike and bird watch at San Elijo Lagoon and enjoy going there many times with my family.”

A bake sale for the birds excited the troop. After school, the girls sold homemade treats at the two main entrances to the school. Each $2 bag had a Thank You tag to to remind supporters where the funds were directed.

Part of the bake sale included a Friday Assembly, where the girls wrote speeches about the Ridgway’s Rail, sharing its call and showing pictures of this beautiful chicken-like bird.

On the day of the check presentation, Katie’s troop did more than just deliver their donation—they placed plants into the ground at Harbaugh Seaside Trails.

Above: Associate Biologist Joe DeWolf accepts the $200 donation from Girl Scout Troop 2357.

“The day planting at Harbaugh Seaside Trails was a very special day,” adds Katie, “The genuine appreciation of our gift was very special and great for the girls to see. The lovely sense of community as we worked together with the other volunteers was wonderful as well.”

Katie recognizes that everyone felt a deep sense of accomplishment. “My daughter especially liked that she was able to actively participate in preserving a habitat for animals, which was clear to see, as the bare land had changed from their planting,” she adds.

Not only did the troop raise funds, donate them, and volunteer their time—they got to see firsthand what it means to be stewards of nature and community, and passionate supporters of the Ridgway’s Rail.

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