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Board Member Jason Schingler and Family Cherish the Outdoors, Together

A native of Northern California, Jason Schingler grew up camping and hiking. These earliest experiences connected him with a love for nature that is central to his life.

He and his wife, Kristan, moved to Encinitas nine years ago. They have a two-year old daughter and a seven-year old son.

Jason is a triathlete and surfer, and by day is a partner in the Worden Williams law firm. He focuses on estate planning, trust administration, probate, and business and real estate law. 

Outside of work, nature is the Schingler family playground. When they’re not on the beach, another favorite outdoor adventure includes hiking through Annie’s Canyon Trail.

Jason says, “I’ve gone on hundreds of runs in the lagoon. My favorite trail is La Orilla where it begins in Rancho Santa Fe among all the trees.” 

Running the lagoon trails introduced Jason to Nature Collective, an organization he had known about. He became involved in leadership when his friend and fellow board member, Matt Adams, encouraged him to join.

“When I discovered more of what Nature Collective is doing my interest grew,” shares Jason. “I wanted to be more involved in the local Solana Beach community.”

Jason’s legal expertise benefited us last year when our organization began the process of a name change—from San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy to Nature Collective. Jason helped on the legal side of our nonprofit’s expansion in growth and outreach.

“I was able to do some of the filing of paperwork with the county and state while retaining rights to the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy name,” reflects Jason. “It was fun and rewarding to lend my services. That was a pretty big milestone!”

Jason brought his son to the opening of the new Lake Drive Trail last summer, a rewarding experience, he remembers, because of their shared love of trails and outdoor explorations. 

One of the ways that Jason discovered the San Elijo Lagoon trails was through trail maps apps. “There are trails all over the place!” he adds. “You can take off and check out somewhere new on a Saturday morning.” We recommend the app: Get Outside San Diego.

“I enjoy serving on the board,” adds Jason. “It is rewarding to be involved and fun to be a part of it all.”

We reflect on the talents of our volunteers in leadership, like Jason Schingler, who are with us in this journey for nature + community to thrive.

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