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With in-person field trips and public experiences on pause, we aren’t skipping a beat!

How do we encourage people to explore the coast? Try our DIY scavenger hunts! How do children, not entirely back in classrooms, find the wonder and beauty in the outdoor world and examine its biodiversity? Our new Nature Journaling series has launched.

Above: a fifth-grader observes a pine cone, with nature journaling to expand the experience with sketches, measurements and story telling.

We are connecting everyone with virtual experiences that feature experts in partnerships to engage our sense of curiosity — and our need for healing nature. For teachers and classrooms, our team conducts virtual workshops and provides standards-aligned curricula so that everyone, near or far, can connect with nature.

We think inclusively and diversely when serving those growing up devoid of nature, those who remember nature and want to connect back to it, and those who already have an affinity with nature. We envision a world where everyone experiences, connects with, and protects nature.

Join us for these upcoming virtual experiences in February:
Register: thenaturecollective.org/events

Join our Nature Collective Scientific Program Director, who will present about the monitoring of San Elijo Lagoon Restoration on World Wetlands Day. This is part of California State Parks: broadcasting live from a half dozen coastal parks. Join the celebration with a livestream event highlighting how wetlands and water are inseparable and vital for life.

Nature Collective exists to drive a passion for nature. We believe that if we help people discover a passion for nature, they will want to protect and value everything it has to offer.

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