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Immersive Experiences for Grade 5 Students and Families

Our Get Out In Nature experiences encourage and support family learning and adventuring in nature-based environments in coastal San Diego County and beyond. These half-day adventures also offer kids and their families an experience that opens the door to new and familiar outdoor spaces to connect with wildlife and the places they live. The goal is to help students and their families connect with and have fun while learning and exploring together in outdoor settings.

A group of student at the San Elijo Lagoon bridge

Above: Families enjoy nature at the Gabe Buhr Bridge at San Elijo Lagoon

These memorable outings include nature hikes, moments for quiet reflection and nature journaling, wildlife investigation, and fun, hands-on engagements for the whole family. Each experience includes a Nature Collective adventure kit and guided nature-based activities. Get Outside In Nature locations vary, including exploring and learning about local plants, animals, and other wildlife that call San Diego County home.

Thank you, Escondido Union School District, San Diego County Parks and Recreation, California Fish and Wildlife, California State Coastal Conservancy’s Explore the Coast program and you. 

Your donations make experiences like these possible for youth and their families to grow their passion for nature.


Individuals/ Foundations/ Funds

Veronica Aguirre
Joseph + Patricia Amshey via Fidelity Brokerage Services
Robert Blumberg + Andrea Yates
Barb Bolton + Jack Ross*
Helen Bourne
Cathy Bullock
Stephanie Chow
Denis Coates + Barbara Patterson
Cathy Collier
Charles Cuccaro + Ana Maria Grace
Joan Davis
Suzanne Demong, via Give Lively
Franklin Eller
Debbie Hanna
Thomas Hermann
Jessica Jagir
Linda Joerden
Gordon + Glenn Johns
Maggie + Paul Judge
Carol + Mark Kane
Elizabeth Keithley
Perry Kirkland
Cory Knott
John Harding Family Foundation
Brian Loly
Jean Lowe + Kim MacConnel***
Richard + Frances Moore
Sally Norvell
Phyllis O’Dwyer
Josh O’Rourke
Quentin Powers
Susan Reddy
Anna Redmond
Ashley Rubin
Tony + Liz Salant via G.A.G. Charitable Corporation*
Patricia Sarkar
Walter Scott
Elizabeth Seibold
Glenn Silverman
Solana Beach Fund at Coastal Community Foundation
Peter + Raydene St. Clair
Ronald Styn
Audrey Terras*
Jody Young

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James Bushnell, in memory of Jerome Fischenich


AT&T, in honor of John Osborne*
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Featured image: A child writes in her journal about her nature experience

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