Las Olas + July 5 Heroes

Thirty people gather outside of Las Olas Restaurant to start a beach cleanup.


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Appreciation for Our Beautiful Coastal Areas

Las Olas rallies their friends and family yearly to clean up Cardiff State Beach and San Elijo Lagoon following the Independence Day celebrations. They share that it’s an excellent opportunity for us to show appreciation for our beautiful coastal areas.

Las Olas’ location in Cardiff-by-the-Sea gives restaurant visitors stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the newly restored San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve. This year, they teamed up with Nature Collective to show their appreciation for all the critical work we do, as a nonprofit organization, to help wildlife and our ocean, including ensuring that the inlet at Cardiff State Beach remains open all year round!

Thirty people gather outside of Las Olas Restaurant to start a beach cleanup.

Above: The sun came out for Las Olas friends and family who help keep our coastline and estuary clean.

Volunteers collect trash on Cardiff Beach

Above: The group gathers trash and debris from the beach. 

In addition to generously supporting Nature Collective with an annual $5,000 donation for the last 12 years, Las Olas also offers a limited-time drink special called the Mahalo Margarita. For every drink sold, Las Olas will donate a dollar. Please stop by and support their efforts!

Thank you Las Olas, and thank YOU, together we conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends—every acre we protect and every creek mile we restore begins with you.


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Richard + Susan Andrews
Sally + Steven Angus
Gladys Baird
Jennifer Ball
Don + Teresa Barth
Steven Benjamin
Benjamin Bohl
Jerry + Shela Bordin
Helen Bourne
Cathy Bullock
Susan Carroll
Lori Cathcart
Lori Chamberlain + Michael Davidson
Norma + Steven Chodos, Fidelity*
Cindi + David Clemons
Michael + Nan Criqui
Joan Davis
Meriah Davis
Paul Dayton
Cathie + Gordon Dixon, J.P. Morgan Securities Charitable Gift Fund
Barbara + Larry Dovenbarger
Linda Dye
Linda + Paul Edwards
Steve Ellis
Tom + Vera Emrick
Fariba Faegh
Ginny Fisher
Katrin + Phyllis Flechsig
Warren Fox, Schwab Charitable
Lisa + Mark Franovich
Peggy Dugan French + William French
Cheryl Gann + Richard Gross
Rod Goodson + Jill Malone
Renita Greenberg
Debbie Hanna
Terrence + Martha Hallaren
Bill + Elaine Hartleb
Donald Davis + Lesa Heebner
Richard Hendlin
Sarah + Steven Henriksen
Chantel Hill
Colin + Vicky Holman
Ken + Chris Hornback
Mark Huber
Michael + Jeannie Huse
Michael Imrich
Linda Jones
Paul + Maggie Judge
Michael Kalichman + Linda Roux*
Gwen Kenney
John + Sheryl Keis
Betsy Keithley
Trudy Kohout + Stephen
John + Barbara Kohler
Allan + Karen Kosup
Joan + John Kroener
Mitchell + Hilde Kronenberg
Chuck + Teri Lang
Steven + Alexis Larky, Schwab Charitable
Brendan Laurs
Thomas Leathem
Deb + Greg Lefevre
Rich + Sharon Leib
James + Nancy Likins
Barry + Roberta Lindgren
Brad Livingston
Eric Lodge
Brian + Sharon Loveman
Susan Lux
Constance + Randall Malin
Donna Mancuso + Frederick Dawn
Carol + Jerry Manning
Jack + Lois Martin
Robyn McRoy
Geoffrey Miller + Karen Haubrich
Richard + Frances Moore
Thomas Mowry
David + Kristen Newman
John + Barbara Nommesen
Sally Norvell
Mark O’Connor
Caryl Parrish
Roseann + Warren Peterson
Larry Pickering
Shirley Platzer-Stocks
Quentin Powers
Carl Provder
Larry + Tina Pryor
Philip Raffee + Lois James
Nancy Rech
Reich-Gonczy Family Trust Giving Account, Fidelity
Reagan Reid
Jeff + Karin Riggs
Joy + Lawrence Rogers, Vanguard
Jerry + Lynn Sandlin
Charles + Jenny Schalliol
George Sherman
Billy + Ellen Simms
Eric Slater + Marcia Pilatti
Jeannie Smith
Pemberton + Jean Smith
Barbara + Mark Spiro, Schwab Charitable
Mandy + Bill Stallcup
Debbie Struck-Shampain
Ronald + Susan Styn
Mike Tice
Dianne Wadley
Tom + Julia Walker
Barbara Warren
Jim + Kim Weinberger
Jennifer Lynn Wetzell
Jan Wier*
Christine + John Willems
Anna Willis + Kurtis Rarick
Clint + Elizabeth Winant
Susan Wright
Jeffrey + Karen Young

In Memory
Harold Todd + Gloria Sica in memory of Shirley Elaine Floyd for Todd & Robin Floyd
Randall Ryti in memory of Carl Biehl

Amazon Smile Foundation
Blue Shield of California
California Native Plant Society
The Fish Market
Hansen Surfboards
Nordson Corporation Foundation
Service Now

*President Circle

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