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Educational Programs at
the Nature Collective

Here, children can gain science skills and connect with nature – from fieldwork to preparatory and post-trip lessons.

Science becomes relevant – and more interesting – to students as they discuss ecology and explore the land. Our programs focus on observation skills – a crucial component to any science-focused education and career. As the students experience our local lands, our educators encourage them to ask questions, listen to one another, pose evidence-supported arguments, disagree respectfully, and utilize the scientific language of uncertainty.

If you’re looking for San Diego field trips, offer your students a powerful experience – and teach them how to think like scientists!

Inspiring Environmental Advocates

Working with both public and private schools in the area, the Nature Collective works to instill skills and confidence in K–12 students. This empowers them to help the environment – today and into the future.

Currently, we have a formal partnership with the Escondido Union School District, which brings every fifth-grade student through our program, as well as another partnership with the Del Mar Union School District with third graders. Called Our Living Watershed, this grant-funded program provides pre- and post-program curricula.

Taught by Passionate Educators + Volunteers

Our nature guides are trained educators and volunteers who love the environment. They carefully lead your class through an in-depth experience. In addition to guiding classes through our local lands, Nature Collective also offers public tours and events on the weekends.

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