rust and black red necked phalarope swimming in water

Wildlife Tour | September 14

As summer days shorten, the earliest winter birds arrive. Keen observers may witness small flocks of phalaropes swimming in dizzy circles in our quiet ponds. As we walk through vibrant fields of yellow goldenbush, we may spot a colorful Argiope spider patiently waiting in the center of her neat, tidy web or an emerald-colored green lynx spider, hidden against the foliage, waiting to ambush a passing bee. Hit the trails with us and enjoy the wonder of nature’s seasonal transition!

Weather permitting. Wildlife is unpredictable. There is no guarantee of what you will see.

Volunteers Elizabeth Venrick + Mark Jenne will lead your nature experience.

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  • Date & Time

    September 14, 2024
    8:30 - 10:30 am

  • Ages

    Registration required

  • Location

    San Elijo Lagoon (meet-up location will be emailed to registered participants)

  • Cost

    Free (Donations welcome)


Wildlife Tour | September 14