Plant Guide Credits

This web-based plant guide is the result of collaboration by numerous individuals. We welcome use of content and photos for non-commercial purposes. These should be cited as:

Nature Collective © 2019
Guide to Plants of San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve

All photographs are courtesy Elizabeth Venrick, unless otherwise noted.

The authors are grateful for the creative work of several contributors to this project. Above all, Mike Tentor, web developer, has our respect for his design and implementation. Lydia Cobb oversaw the format, ensuring that the style was consistent with that of the rest of the website and style guide. Michelle Tateyama created vegetation maps for final selection. Artefact Design created the flower color wheel, copyright photo frames, and provided aesthetic direction.

We thank all Nature Collective volunteers and staff, county rangers, and volunteers who test-drove our first draft of seven species. Their corrections and suggestions substantially improved the quality of this work.

Finally, we acknowledge the contribution of Susan Welker, who served for 30 years as Supervising Park Ranger at San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve. Elizabeth Venrick writes: Susan was the person who reawakened my early interest in botany and plant ecology. She encouraged me to create a series of “Plant of the Week” profiles for the Nature Center. The 150 plant summaries provided stimulus and framework for this web site, and Susan’s personal list of nearly 400 plants in the reserve is a constant reminder of the work (and enjoyment) we have ahead of us.”

We encourage you to share this plant resource with your students, peers, friends and family as part of your exploration of San Elijo Lagoon.

Thank you.