San Elijo Lagoon Reserve Plant List

The following list includes plants that have been documented occurring in San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve. The list was started by a former County of San Diego employee and Ranger at the Reserve, Susan Welker, and we are much indebted to her efforts. Nature Collective employees now maintains the list, and we are proud to display it here for public use. We are in the process of updating scientific names and new listings; this page will be updated periodically. Please contact us if you have any comments or would like more information.

Following our use of Jepson as our taxonomic authority, we use the term “native” to refer to any plant that is thought to have evolved anywhere within the state of California, or to have arrived in California without human intervention. Thus, a plant may be listed as native but not be native to the San Elijo Ecological Reserve.

The plant list is available for download.

CAL-IPC refers to the invasive potential of a non-native plant according to the California Invasive Plant Council

CRPR refers to the rare plant rank by the California Native Plant Society, Rare Plant Program.