Amphibious Equipment is Clearing Vegetation



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Have you seen the Marsh Masters at San Elijo Lagoon?

The Marsh Master is assisting in establishing the perimeter and its staked boundaries.

Two of these amphibious machines are specialized for places where ordinary equipment cannot go. They have pontoons on the sides and treads that navigate both water and land. Because they can access marshes and wetland terrain, the two Marsh Masters are clearing vegetation as Environmentally Sensitive Fencing (T-posts and rope) is being installed. It will pull an agricultural type mower and its treads will also flatten vegetation.


Clearing of vegetation in the Central basin is beginning. Beginning on January 15, vegetation clearing will be underway in the East basin. After January 15, the Dike trail will be closed during lagoon restoration.

The entire Central and East Basin project perimeters will be cleared by February 15, which is an important date to note, as this is the beginning of nesting season. Read more about vegetation clearing.

Marsh Master delivery at San Elijo Lagoon

In addition to the Marsh Masters, hand-held equipment will be used to accomplish vegetation clearing. The Marsh Master will also be the primary mode of transportation within the project boundary limits. It will pull a “trailer” to move objects such as the ESA fencing.

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