Sand Pipe Assembly Begins



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Pipes For Beach Sand Replenishment Will Be Assembled And Placed This Week.

Moving beach quality sands from San Elijo Lagoon to two nearby coastal locations is about to begin. Pipes for sand transport are being installed for beach replenishment work that is estimated to begin the week of February 19.

Beginning with Cardiff State Beach, approximately 300,000-cubic yards will replenish the coastline in approximately six weeks.

These 16-inch diameter pipes will operate like vacuum hoses. The beach quality sands are loosened by jets of water. This method is efficient and prevents a larger impact than would occur if vehicles were used to transport the sand.

The sand will be an approximate 20% sand and 80% water mixture which is like the consistency of a smoothie. Sands will be placed along Cardiff State Beach where the Joint Powers Authority (JPA) outfall work continues.

Sand Pipe Route Map: In San Elijo Lagoon, the 16-inch diameter pipe will extend from the overdredge pit and under the Pacific Coast Highway bridges (south of the inlet) and south to Cardiff State Beach and Fletcher Cove. The pipes will follow the contour of the rocks and cliffs along the beach.

The main dredge located in the West Basin will filter sands 24/7 so that crews can get in and get out with as little impact to nature and community as we can.

Following Cardiff replenishment, approximately 150,000-cubic yards of sand will be directed to replenish Fletcher Cove.

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